Bentley Turbo R 29900.000 EUR InStock
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Bentley Turbo R

Características generales

Marca: Bentley
Modelo: Turbo
Carrocería: Berlina
Versión: R
Precio: 29.900 €
Color: Azul Metalizado
Año Desde: 1998
Población: Barcelona
Combustible: Gasolina
Cambio: Automático
Cilindrada(cc): 6750
Cilindros: 8
Kilómetros: 8
Plazas: 5
Puertas: 4
Material interior: Piel


Asientos eléctricos
Tapicería de cuero
Volante de cuero
Volante regulable
Aire Acondicionado

Más información

Bentley Turbo R LWB
Volante a la derecha
54.000kms originales
Estado seminuevo
Revisiones al dia

The Bentley Turbo R is a luxury automobile produced by the British automaker Bentley. The 1997 Bentley Turbo R was one of the final model years for this particular version. Here's a brief description:
1. Design: The Bentley Turbo R maintained a classic and elegant design. It featured a traditional and distinctive exterior, with a prominent grille, iconic round headlamps, and a stately overall appearance.
2.Performance: Under the hood, it was powered by a potent 6.75-liter V8 engine. This engine was turbocharged, providing ample power and torque. It offered a smooth and refined ride, combining luxury with performance.
3. Interior: Inside the 1997 Bentley Turbo R, you would find opulent handcrafted materials, including high-quality leather, wood veneers, and fine carpeting. It featured comfortable seating and a wide array of luxurious amenities.
4. Technology: While not as technologically advanced as modern luxury cars, it did offer features typical of its time, such as air conditioning, power accessories, and a premium sound system.
5. Handling: The Bentley Turbo R was known for its surprisingly nimble handling despite its size and weight, which made it a pleasure to drive.
6. Exclusivity: Bentley cars have always been associated with exclusivity and prestige, and the Turbo R was no exception. It was considered a symbol of luxury and sophistication.Overall, the 1997 Bentley Turbo R was a classic luxury vehicle, known for its combination of power, elegance, and prestige. It appealed to those seeking a traditional and luxurious driving experience.

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